June, try to forget the grateful blessings


I just woke up from the long hibernation sleep.

My favorit way of forgeting….

Summer never been my favorite season of the year, as June the month of Summer..

To many storms came to my life in June. My shelter is somehow shaking, but I still survive or don’t I?

I try to think possitive over everything happens in June. Try to grasp the essence of life, to compose a better understanding of my existence. Try to have better definition of Love, soul mate and light of my life.

Gellukig zit in kleine dingen. Idioms that I constantly repeat in my mind. Try to get my best happiness from small happiness that accompany my dissapointments.

I still nangling in order to get a steady standing positition, hope July can help me through.

I try to be grateful for some certainties that slowly come, although it’s sometimes hurt, realy tear me apart.

I learned somehow crying is necessary…. I haven’t learn on how to stop it.


2 thoughts on “June, try to forget the grateful blessings

  1. Dear Wangge,
    You are a strong person. Tuhan tidak pernah memberi cobaan yang kita tidak mampu mengatasinya. Semoga bulan ini ada pencerahan. BTW kasubdep mikologi parasit FKUI, dr Retno Wahyu, sedang kerjakan proyek postdoc kerjasama dengan CBC Utrecht. Beliau bilang sedang cari dokter peneliti untuk bantu proyek dia di Indo. Gue dan Made sudah promosiin elo. Kalo elo interest nanti gue depth interview dg dr Retno dan kontak elo lebih lanjut.
    Ok say, met weekend!


  2. Grace, hoe gaat het met u?
    kenapa blog loe sedih amat??
    aduh gwe gak biasa ‘liat’ loe sedih kali ya? makanya gwe SHOCK abis gitu bacanya..
    Gwe percaya loe pasti bisa laluin semua itu, Tuhan gak pernah ijinkan hal yang bisa menghancurkan umatNya untuk terjadi..
    Although it’s God Damn HARD and even broke ur heart apart.. it’s ur destiny.. God had created this for u.. not to destroy u, but to keep u strong and even more stronger..
    Wake up Grace, be a FIGHTER..
    Know for sure that He will always on your side..
    GBU !!!

    Peace, Love, and GAUL..

    (miss u, your laughter, so much!)


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