Building the Railroad


If you have read my other writing in blogs you will know that I am a Sanguin, a true Sanguin, one day you wil find me extremely Negative and later that day, I can produce something like this……..



Under The Tuscan Sun…….



Just saw the movie. A little bit late maybe, and may be some of you thought it is not that essential to watch Diana Lane wondering along the beautiful Tuscany and made love with a handsome Italian Man (What a luck !).

I picked the movie from the CD Rental shelves, just for the sake that I don’t want to upset the CD Rental worker (who said they will be upset anyway, a forfeit for my too sensitive feeling !). But second thought, I always want to watch the movie anyway, just because I like the Title: Tuscan Sun. Oh Tuscany, I hope I can see the Tuscan again, the beautiful scenery that I always missed.

The movie really fulfilled my wished. I again, saw the beautiful Duomo, and the magnificent scenery, and oh how I missed Italy. God, I missed Lemoncelli, and how I liked it.

But the movie has tell me more that that. The story of Frances(was spelled as Francesca by the Italians, make me remember that my name was spelled Gracia), somehow (again) remind me of my own life. How Frances life was a very common fairy-tale, how my life is also everybody’s story. Like Mr. Martini(very strange name for an Italian, don’t you think? Is it resemble that in heartrending situation Martini is ‘always’ your best friend?) said in the movie, every culture in the world have an expression for broken heart, because it happens everywhere.

I loved every element of the movie, including unique apartment that Frances has to lived after her divorce, short term apartment for divorcee with a strange Landlord who take advantage of everybody profession as free commercial, try to get everybody along and convince the prospective tenant, that the place is their ‘after-divorced-shelter’.

Franses was in the middle of the Crossroad, that’s what her gay friend said (a little bit contrast that the gay friend is actually an Asian, heem…), and she has to decide which way she want to take, to the right or to the left. Everybody ever experienced the same, I guess. The unfortunate is, you never know what is it like on the right road and what is it like on the left road, and the worst of all, you can never go back to the crossroad.

Spontaneity, that’s what Frances did, and what Catherine learn from Fefe.  You need to keep a piece of childhood, just to make you dare to face anything that came to the road you take. I learned once that whatever road you choose, you will actually arrived on the same place, the time and the challenge that you faced along the road are the only things that make the journey different. So, it is actually the journey that you should consider, not the destination. The journey is something you have to be grateful too, the journey is actually the thing that make your life is worthed, not the destination.

Frances has wishes for the villa she bought, a simple wishes of happy family life. Again thanks to Mr. Martini(a very good example of the proverb of why good men is always taken, either by other Woman, other Man or even by God himself), who wakes up that her wishes are actually granted , only in the different forms. Should I and can I accept that one day all my wishes, especially my ultimate wish of becoming a PhD is granted, but only in a different shape? Or is it already granted and I only wait for someone like Mr. Martini to open my eyes? Could my childhood wishes are actually already been granted? My small wishes like have my own dream car, or working with computers? No idea.

I guess the secret is to accept, to open your eyes and to be patient (something that I never be able to achieve), and the most important thing is, never stop dreaming……

‘There is a Clive in streaming, an area between Viena and Venice, and although it is difficult to built it, they keep building a railroad, even long before the train comes, until the train actually came and use the railroad’.

Sunflower_1 Frances keep building her railroad until the train comes, can I? And do I?


2 thoughts on “Building the Railroad

  1. wanggee… really like your blog, especially this one. somehow, sometime, ngegambarin kebingungan di hati gw juga 🙂 jd pengen nonton the tuscan sun.


  2. kak wanggeeee pa kabar? hehe dak sukses euy kayaknya ^^. aku juga dah nonton pilem ini lumayan lama, setahun lalu… hm… lessons of life banget =) emang bagus banget kok pilemnya… selain setting yg keren (pemandangannya booo keren banget), pemainnya (baca: cowok Italinya…yum…hehehe), pesannya bagus banget, top deh!


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