Grace Wangge-Redefined


Past Oprah’s Show, the episode where she emphasized not to let go, the part where she shout to every women in the world to re-define herself every day, to be grateful and felt valuable just because you were born :



I try to re-define my self, who am I? Am I just my name? Am I just the group of 7 consonant and 4 vocals?


Am I a writer? Am I CRA? Am I the doctor? Ups, Not to define yourself as your work, because if you loose the job, you loose your definition………….


Am I the person you can talk to? Am I the shoulder you can cry on? Am I the peacemaker? No. No, when all the people in the world happy and live peacefully, you loose yourself. But then, this sound likes a good definition, if you look the world’s condition….



Okay Oprah, it seems easy back then when you said to define yourself. Too bad she did not mentioned how much time it will take to define a person.



Above all, which definition is correct, and how do you know?



So, my definition of me today: A person who still trying to define who I am.



Best regards,



The Definer.



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