A Battery of the Day


Leeuw got his first battery replacement today.

Leeuw is my car, the blue 2004 Peugeot 206, with Sinchan, Spongebob and Patrick on board. Show off of the owner.

Guilty as charges, I never check the battery before it runs out. Thought the After Sales Service should have done it: a virgin in car owner world!

The story begun at almost Noon, when I almost rushed to the West of the city, to do the mission of THE project’s life…. Leeuw just don’t want to bark: Sorry Grace, I am out of battery, you should have checked my life support sometimes, and yeah when you remember to wash me too! It is already good that I got stuck on weekends!

Got pissed off, call the service: can you fix this out? Yes, they said, but you have to wait for 2 hours. I didn’t have 2 hours, I have to complete THE mission, so, I ran to my previous love, ‘Si merah’, that’s my Mom’s car, the 94 Red Starlet, which I have abandon for ages, well since I got Leeuw to be exact. ‘Si Merah’ is the one who thought me to ride. Together we stroll around the city when I pushed her gasses and brakes uncontrollably. ‘ Si Merah’ is one of Mahaguru, beside of My Father, ‘Si Emas’ and of course ‘Si Putih’.

My reunion with the only Mahaguru that still exist was short, and full of worries of Leeuw’s condition. ‘Si Merah’, the old ‘Si Merah’ had share my worries, she just run without any complain, is she just happy with our reunion?

THE Mission finished at Noon past two, I called my Mother, The Service and Other Garage, to get Leeuw to be able to get his new battery, I need him to work, and I need him to complete THE other mission on Monday….. Finally able to find the life support, got it less than an hour after THE mission. I treat Leeuw with his usual, Sheel Super. I want to treat him with an automatic snow car wash, but the place was under renovation. Promise him a bath tomorrow morning then.

Leeuw has become one of my new Mahaguru today. His battery got stuck, reminds me of how I have been too deep drown in routine, how I have abandon my true friends, the one that always beside me every day, support any action without complain, but got nothing in return from me. Not even a foamy bath….. Make me guilty that I have parked Leeuw improperly several weeks ago, made him prone to a reckless driver who gave him slight streaks on his back.

‘Si Merah’ touched me again today, as I observe her old body. I forgot about that, forgot that I need to take care of her, as time rolled, and it is time for the young to take car the olds, pupils to give back to teachers. I missed ‘Si Merah’ dearly and angry for my lack of attention to her, I never treat her with Shell Super of give her a luxury wash…

I was busy, but for what?

I try to cure Leeuw but for what? So he can help me do THE missions on Monday, again help me doing the routines.

I ran to ‘Si Merah’, just because Leeuw can not be used. Is that how I treat my friends? Do I care for them just if they do something useful for me?

How I have become?


5 thoughts on “A Battery of the Day

  1. Buat Rizki : Kan elu yang namain mobil gue Pesyong, kalo gue tetep namain dia Leeuw ! Lu kayak tukang parkir di senen tuh : ” Bu, bu, mobilnya yang Peso itu ya?” Ya, gue jawab Peso-nya gue tinggal di rumah buat motong bawang !


  2. Takut lu udah nggak inget gue lagi, hihihi… Inget gak waktu kita getol mau ngenalin lu sama dokter dan kita juga nyebutin merek mobilnya. Lu bilang eh gue juga punya Peso loh. Ternyata peso yang untuk motong bawang toh. Mana setimpal? Hahaha Oneng banget yak 🙂
    Posting lu BAGUS, Grace


  3. Laah.. khan Pesyong duluan dari Leeuw he he he.. Maaplah kita tidak ter-update namanya, abis gak pernah denger nama yang “Leeuw”. Lagian, “peso” ama “pesyong” bunyinya beda..
    Gimana kabar si “Leeuw” ini? Baek?


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