My 29th Birthday Bulletin Board


Who gave you the 1st birthday salutation this year?

            Made, she sms me 1 week earlier from Ceko, a little bit to early, but I am happy to have some of her news and have her cell number

Who gave you the 1st birthday salutation on the B-Day ?

            It will be….. my sis Maggie, “ He, Bday? Congrat” with unclear voice, but it counts as salutationJ

Who gave you the last birthday salutation on the B-Day?

            Annette, with text message.

What was your 1st breakfast on that day?

            Last-Night-Rice with Soup of Tom-Yam, only the liquid part since the other contain already finished the night before.

What is your favorite Bday present?

            Well, I only got one bag from my colleagues, so, that would be my favorite.

What is the most annoying Bday salutation?

            We wish you to find your soulmate soon………. Puaaah, do they have anything else in their mind rather than that !!!

What is your favorite Bday salutation?

            Hope you got your PhD opportunity this year (thanks Va!)

Do you treat your friend at Lunch?

            Yes, well, a little bit under force from Katherine, so I treat the medical Dept with KFC, well, with bucket (so every day….).

What were for Dinner?

            Usual stuff: rice and veggie.

What were your Bday suprises?

            How my friends from abroad remember me and send me emails. And I got called from Prof.B.

What were things that make you sad?

            I missed my friends a lot. I have too much to do, but failed most of the time.

Did you regret something?

            I have to spend a lot of money on the Bday ! Pay Debts!

So, what is the conclusion for this year Bday?

            Depressing !


One thought on “My 29th Birthday Bulletin Board

  1. Woiii…
    kayaknya dari dulu kan trendnya yg terjadi tuh kebalikan dari harapan hehhee…
    so jangan nyalahin yg ngasih ucapan selamat donks…
    udah bagus diselametin hehehe…


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