A Meaningful Life – In Memoriam The Most Beloved Dog in The World.


A week has passed since my Beloved Dog, Card Dominggo Doglas returned to the heaven of Dogs, the prairie without border where he can run and chase the rabbits (or any other things he ever wanted to chased, school kids, may be).

View this photo For my family, Card’s passing, has prove us a lot to things. He was indeed a true noble dog; always make 3 full circle before sleep, even with an IV line attached to his right front leg. He is a loyal friend, strive and fought with death until his weak body reached our home again, after 3 days in Hospital, and wait until my Mom say “ Have a good journey Card..”, and solemnly draw his last breath. He was our grumpy darling that we always love and missed wherever we are.

Our grieving came in varies. My sister, Intan, write a Bulletin Board in her Friendster Bulletin: “In Memoriam of the Most Beloved Dog in The World”. My other sister, Maggie, wrote in her Blog how she is now believed in Euthanasia, rather than see any more suffering. My mother tries to find a kind of grass that fit on the top of Card’s grave. My Sister Berlian, still try to cope with it, still refused idea of having a new dog to accompany JOEL, my other dog. Joel, the brother of Card, keeps his happy face, but eaten less.

How about me?

From every episode of my live, especially the sad one, I try to catch a new meaning of live that came with it. Same thing happened with this. For a week, I try to find what are the meaning of all this?  Is it a lesson on how to let go? Is it just lessons on how the Veterinary world in


is still underdeveloped? Is it a lesson of to act more bravely and radical next time? Is it? I fought with my mind each night to search for any ideas that lie behind Card’s passing.

What are the results of my quest?

Just for this time, I can not found anything! The more I thought about it, the vaguer it is.

Until my acceptance stroke me and give a conclusion: Card had such a very meaningful life as a dog. His whole life is the answers that I need, not just his passing.

He has become our friend, our brother, who always smile and wagging his tail, welcoming us, every time we returned home. He was there when our family struck the hardest time of our live. He just listened to whatever we said. He offers us an unconditional friendship, seldom human can give. He was also a friend who dare to barked pure critiques or protest; something that we always got if we disturbed his sleep and lazy time. He protected us from foreigners and hatred, while in the same time; he always demanded love and friendship. He sharpens our instinct of love, and his relationship with us has become the mirror of our human friendship.

In his 11 year of Human Age, Card has live in a full circle, giving and receiving. Card has walked A Meaningful Life, a life that I would like to have someday.

Good Bye Card, Rest in Peace. My tears of gratitude would never be enough.


One thought on “A Meaningful Life – In Memoriam The Most Beloved Dog in The World.

  1. Hi Wangge, gue ngerti perasaan lo.. Dulu waktu di Dps gue juga punya anjing penjaga rumah, namanya Monic. Kata orang sih anjing kampung, tapi buat gue dan keluarga dia bener-bener hero. Masih inget setiap hari dia setia ‘antar-jemput’ gue dan keluarga dari rumah ke jalan raya yg jaraknya nggak kurang dari 1 kilo. Hebat banget instingnya! Satu malam dia berhasil ‘nangkap’ pencuri dari luar rumah tapi hari berikutnya Monic lenyap tak berbekas, we’re really sad… Sorry jadi curhat, tapi kita memang selalu menjadi lebih menghargai sesuatu setelah kita kehilangannya… All the best for them, in what you called heaven for dogs…


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