Venetia Van Java


A new city has born in Indonesia : Venetia van Java!

Jakarta has turned to Venetia, a city on the water. Even more, you can get your cappuccino everywhere, just bring your empty glass to your backyard and took it for free. (Brown thick water with floating…. Garbage instead of chocolate granules, hehehehe….).

Flood, a natural phenomenon (said our governor who can not do anything and only leave everything to the destiny (Pasrah- the Indonesian word)), a five-yearly predictable disaster (why we never be prepared?) had Jakarta under water and paralyzed for the last 4 days.

Within seconds, people lost their homes, cars and everything they earned in their live, or at least in the last 5 years. The Flood was categorized as worst than the Flood in 2002(which is worst than Flood in 1997). The water this year is higher, and slower to reduce. Until I wrote this, some areas in Jakarta still soaking in their cappuccino juice, and thousands of people still survive in their rooftop, refused to be rescued, guard their homes from thieves.

I don’t know whether I should feel proud or not. My city has turned into a most intriguing city, not because of overloaded water but because how the people of Jakarta handle this problems.

Children from all level are happy with their new Olympic size Swimming pool, right in the front of their homes. They swam in the Flood, caught the fishes, tried their rubber boat, admire every car that cross their swimming pool and scream to their top of happiness. Sometimes they were accompanied by the grown ups who also smile, try to find the silver lining among the clouds. Some people use the flood to test their bikes and motor bikes capability.

Five years ago, people were all screaming for help, curse the governor (who miraculously got re-elected), they strive until the life boat came and rescued them. Not for this year ! People made their own boat, from everything they can find, from the bamboo that we used as flag pole every August, from the Bottles of mineral water, from Bathtub (where the hell they got the floating bathtub??), their spring-beds, and lastly their children’s plastic pools. Scavengers, the garbage man, earn a lot in a day than they usually had in a year, by offers their carriage as service to carry people who did not want to get wet. People guard their neighborhood from thieves.

May be because we are getting used to disaster in this country, people doesn’t have time to scream and scold the government anymore(which doesn’t have too much result in the end) but do everything by themselves, no one is crying a loud these days.

Businesses are carried out as usual, no time for sadness on what had happened. Businessman didn’t rely on the government to help them fix the economic situation; they just tried to help themselves by themselves.

Are people becoming tougher and independent, or just leave everything to the power of God (Pasrah), as our governor?

One thing for sure Jakartans is not Venetians, although we’re already got the water, surely we won’t have the masquerade festival by this month, which is a pity…. Well, most of the Jakartans used their masque for whole year anyway, hehehehe….


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