Life of Meaning or Life of Happiness??



A word of ‘wisdom’ that I learned from the ultimate villain in HEROES, Mr. Linderman:

“You have to choose, Nathan, to live with meaning, or live with Happiness, you can not have both…..”


Well, the words might not be exact, but the message is crossed.

Mr. Linderman’s word is the answer for everything. People have to choose, whether they want to live with Meanings, or with Happiness. Although I should add, that a person who can not purely choose what kind of life they want; they were born with their own destiny, ones to live in meaning and other to live in happiness. Since it is a destiny, a person with the Life of Meaning destiny, would reach Happiness when they got the meaning of their live. On the other way, people with Life of Happiness destiny, would feel their life Meaningful, when they got the Happiness in their life.

Person with Life of Happiness life day by day, surrender to the force of nature.

Person with Life of Meaning, worries day by day, seek for the truth meaning of their life.


Why  do I share you all of this?

I know I am the person who belongs to the Life of Meaning. Recently I encounter people who Life of Happiness, who seems clueless of what I am doing. They tend to force me to move to their Life of Happiness, which I regret very much.  I know some of them were actually belongs to the Life of Meaning groups, but too tired to strive and decided to move to the other side. I do not say that Life of Happiness is easier than the Life of Meaning; I just said that Life of Happiness is more promising than Life of Meaning, and people tend to play safe, choose the more promising path, less risky path. It is not wrong, it is just natural.

It is sad if both different group can not understand each other.

Everybody has their own life, their own paths, they may choose although they can not deny their destiny.


At the end, human beings will all life in 1 destiny, A Happy Meaningful Life.


4 thoughts on “Life of Meaning or Life of Happiness??

  1. Why dwell with the past that u can’t change. Past mistakes can’t be undone.
    I’m still striving to do my best to reach a meaningful happy life while worrying about how my future will become. Don’t wanna be trap forever here in this desert!!! Huaaa…
    But it’s true… striving is exhausting and sometimes depressing.
    So, mix them up and enjoy the cocktail of life and live life to its fullest.


  2. Hi Ge, gue baru baca blog lo yg ini, bagus! Jadi mikir…. gue kayaknya juga masuk kategori live in meaning, tapi belakangan gue mulai berpikir kenapa nggak live in happiness aja ya, like most of the people do and less burdening… Tapi berdasarkan ibu kita Vica, memang yg paling bagus itu kalo bisa dapat meaningfull happy live, amiin…


  3. Ngge.. baru baca blog lo nih. bagusss!! jelas2 deh gue belong to Life of Meaning… Try to seek what’s the meaning of life, what’s my mission on earth.. Jadinya: STRESS!! Tp mau neglect it totally dan pindah ke sisi satunya juga gak bisa. Semoga sih I soon discover the meaning of my live. Hope you too Ngge 🙂


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