When I am bored with FB


In these past few days, I suddenly became bored with my Facebook(FB). Suddenly I loosed my eagerness to update on what I was doing. I did not care anymore when to harvest my corps or feed my pets. I became a very bad manager and let my restaurant’s employee dead of tired. I suddenly had a very thin layer of critism on what my friend’s wrote in their status updates. I even cannot feel the sense of chalenge from all the FB’s quizes .

Although I still opened the website once in a while, I just looked at it, freezed and felt totaly clueles on what to do. I did write some comments, some very very DRY comments……

I wrote my status update in Friday(which was not been updated since Monday, a very-very-not me kind of like, as I can update my status minimal twice a day!) : …….bored with FB !

I wonder what had happened. Had I been very exhausted with my job, so I did not have any energy left to do any other things? Doesn’t than FB supposed to give me a recrational gate away? Or is it not about the website, but something lies in the website? Did I get tired of the website or of my friends? Or is it me who get bored (again and again) with my current daily life?

The more I think about it, the more I believe that the true problem lies on the part where I get bored with my routinity. It’s been a year since I had my FB account, and since then it has become my number-one-visited website ever. Everytime I was online, guess which website I opened…. Every hour I checked the wall and the news feed. Every 4 hours I harvested my farm, feed my pets, answered all the questions from the quizes. Comment on this, comment on that, re-comment on this and re-comment on my comment on that…….until it become so routine… and not interesting anymore.

Without realizing it, I think it might has also affect my daily life. Not just me, but also people around me. When I was with friends or collegues, there was always part of our conversation that mentioned what happened in our FB’s page. We were even gossiping friends based on their status updates or photos they have uploaded. It has become the part of our life, it has become our routine.

I really don’t know what to do with this bored situation of mine. In the past, if I can easily find new things to do, find new community to know, or even a new job to pursue. Now, eventhough I travel to far places or join a new club, I will met people with FB’s account, and again, add them as friends, share applications, chat about our FB walls and talk about FB will become again : THE ROUTINE.

So should I delete my FB account? Not a good idea and not fair for the website. May be the best thing is to remind myself on what the real intention of FB. It is not intended to be part of your routine and become your avatar, but it was created to connect me with people. It is merely informative and not active.

It is time to get out, find new things, do something new, without even bother to write about it in your status update.

Can I?


2 thoughts on “When I am bored with FB

  1. mba grace,,iya emang jenuh,soalnya dulu sempet puasa fb 1 bulan,berhasil.eh pas dibuka jd agak jenuh..ahhhh nice post mba,,bole di kopi paste di ms word yah,,mo disimpen ahahhahhah


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