To all my dogs in heaven


Dear Gogo, Belang, Hitclif, Coki, Card, Joel and Odie,

How are you dearest? I hope by now you all have met each other. I hope you all had a week full of fun, chasing rabbits, had silly-quarrel and relaxing in the green beautiful pasture.

Joel, I hope you have show Odie around. Like you, I was not by Odie’s side when he passed away. I regret that fully. Please don’t be too hard on Odie. He is more charming and polite now. I bet he won’t eat from your plate or take away your food anymore. He still hide our sandals from time to time, and always begs for food(anything we ate), but please don’t scold him for that.

Card, like you, Odie like to bark on people and children that passed the house. Unlike you, he didn’t bark to scare them, he barked out of joy of meeting new people. Together with Belang, you can teach him to be more vigilince, to be a good dog guard. He is very smart, just a bit lazy. Sometimes, he thought he is a human, not a dog. Please be patient, guys.

Coki, like you, Odie like a good car ride. He never chased our cars and followed us like you did, but you both can play together. He love sitting on the back of the car and look at the view outside.

Hitclif, like you, Odie is loyal and care about his brother. He respects Joel as his older ‘dog-brother’.   Odie was epileptic, and the last grand-mal seizure  had made his heart stop. Of course, that might not comparable to the pain you (and also Card) had at your last moment on earth. I do hope all in the dog heaven, you guys never experienced any pain anymore.

Belang, you are my loyal and fierceful friend. You guarded us like a true soldier. Odie is careless and his joyful nature has made him trust people easily. You can teach one or two fierce tricks, just for fun.

Gogo, my dear Gogo. Can you please take Odie like one of your own? He is my baby boy and always be. I know you will be a good mother to him as you were to Belang and his brothers.

Odie, I love you and miss you here on earth. No more stupid grin that greet me every afternoon when I home. No one to share the Mango and Fish crackers. No one will snif on my clothes, snoring next to my bed or even annoyingly asked us to open the bedroom door and turn on the airco. No one to wake us anymore in the morning because he wants to pee outside. The house feels so empty now.

Oh, I missed you all, but I know you are all happy there. Enjoy chasing rabbits, sleep and play all day ! Please be nice to each other.

Loving you always.

Your friend, Grace


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